Our Story

We’re two best friends from a small town in Northern Virginia. Growing up we found ourselves competing in everything from golf to ping pong. We used this competitive nature to push each other day to day. We started many small businesses from mowing lawns to splitting firewood, measuring who did the most and who did the best.

In 2013, I sparked an interest in professional dress. With this new passion, I considered ties a great start. A tie can show a lot of character and tell many stories. Using all my savings and a small loan from my parents, Lanny Ross LLC was founded. I placed an order of 100 ties and was in business! I sold the first run of ties to neighborhood retailers and on our website.

With graduation quickly approaching in December, I decided to take Lanny Ross to the next level. I met with a new manufacturer in New York City. After the meeting, with no hesitation, called Josh with an idea, “We are going to place an order of ties, travel cross country until we sell them all.” Josh, who had one more semester at Christopher Newport University dropped everything to join on this new adventure. He has since transferred to George Mason University, taking online classes to travel cross country and share this new dream.

Here we are now, traveling in a custom van for 4 months, teaming up with universities and fraternities to host events, and meeting with neighborhood retailers to spread the word of our new brand.

We are very excited for this new chapter and look forward to meeting you on our new adventure to share our story and hear yours!

Follow our journey on social media @LannyRossLLC.

Thanks, Ross and Josh