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We're Off!

And we’re off... Almost… First, we would like to acknowledge that, although we are on the road for business purposes, we are two 21/22-year-old guys that live in a van (seriously), so sorry for the stories of our fortunate and unfortunate happenings. Let me tell you… about Lanny Ross and the team. The Team: Lanny Ross Cornwell III: President Male, Height- 5’10, Weight- (undisclosed), Special Talents- Can close his eyes and smell out the nearest Rolex, Able to pee literally anywhere and is a renowned cat whisperer. Joshua Charles Rinker: Vice President Male, Height- 5’11, Weight- (“I haven’t had a physical since 3rd grade”), Special Talents- Can drink espresso like water, Able to hold a full conversation while brushing his...

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